“Only a lonely oak will conserve the Earth”

NATURA President Ph.D. Okan Ürker 


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NATURA The Society For The Conservation of Nature and Culture, TURKEY (NATURA) is a small scale non-governmental organization active in nature conservation since 2015 in Turkey.

Although NATURA works on a variety of conservation over Anatolia, it focuses mainly on the conservation of Anatolian (Oriental) Sweetgum Forests.

Anatolian (Oriental) Sweetgum (Liquidambar orientalis Miller) forests are a rare, endemic and endangered forest ecosystem, important not just for Turkey, but for the whole world. A living fossil, records of the sweetgum tree go back more than 60 million years. Since the 1950s, state-sponsored farming initiatives led to a massive shrinkage of sweetgum forests. From 6.312 hectares in 1949, the groves shrank to 1.337 hectares in 1987, and currently stand at no more than 2000 hectares. The fragmentation is the key risk factor for those forests and this causes to push the extinction. Fragmented forests are harder to rescue and rehabilitate in the long run. As a result, re-establishment of forest corridors and re-unification of the fragmented groves are of paramount importance.

NATURA aims to make the conservation one of the main agendas of the country. It believes that the most powerful activism is to make the science. NATURA’s main objectives are; to create the private conservation areas by purchasing, to manage Wildlife Research Projects, raising awareness projects, conservation projects of the natural habitats, to educate the conservation volunteers such as local conservationists and university students, to organize regional/national/international workshops and conferences related with nature conservation.

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NATURA The Society for The Conservation of Nature and Culture

Address: Güvenevler Mahallesi, Yeşilyurt Sokak, 47/5, Ayrancı, Postal Code: 06690, Çankaya – ANKARA / TURKEY

E-mail: info@naturader.org

Mobile: +90 538 282 07 62