A regional workshop with the participation of forestry students from Koycegiz Vocational High School of Mugla Sıtkı Kocman University had been organized in the frame of “Research and Conservation of the Sweetgum Forests” project supported by Rufford SGF in 25-26 April 2019.

In the first day of event, several presentations and workshops about the history of the sweetgum forests, conservation biology, its faunatic biodiversity (including birds, spiders, bats and big mammals) and NATURA’s research and conservation studies had been shared with the forestry students by the experts. In the second day of the workshop, a field study organized in the Karabatak Sweetgum Forest which is located in Koycegiz city center. The methods, devices and practical information which are necessary for the research studies had been shared with the students.

We would like to thank you Assoc. Prof. Türkay Türkoğlu, PhD. Hatice ULUSOY, Assoc. Prof. Bekir ÇÖL and PhD. Kenan AKBAŞ for their kind support and cooperation during the event.