Our Arachnology Team Has Just Started to the Surveys inside the Sweetgum Forests

Spiders are prominent due to ease of their taxon identifications, one of the easiest among the megadiverse arthropod taxa. Their use as indicators of anthropogenic land use patterns or habitat types has been pronounced for multiple times in the literature. There was no previous report on spiders from the unique Liquidambar orientalis forest habitat in Turkey, which is also true for any terrestrial invertebrate taxa. Pitfall traps will be active every four seasons for each 1 month. The team will also try to catch the spiders that use the sweetgum trees as roosting, feeding or breeding habitat with canvas clothes wrapped on tree trunks. The project will be carried out and coordinated with the expertise of Arachnologist Kadir Boğaç Kunt and Arachnologist PhD Mert Elverici.