First Wild Cat (Felis sylvestris) Record for the Anatolian Sweetgum Forests

We’ve found in our previous works that wild cats live in damp forest habitats especially in northern parts of Turkey, but the population density in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions is very low and that they live in relatively moist maquis habitats such as sandalwood, laurel and myrtle.  We recorded the wild cat first time for the sweetgum forests during our one year wildlife researches inside those forests. With this record, we have found that the species live in the Anatolian Sweetgum Forests in southwestern Anatolia thanks to the moist and stable feature of the habitat. This record emphasizes again the importance of shallow forests. However, the existence of very small populations in southwestern Anatolia increases the risk of hybridization with the domestic cat. This exploration has been founded by one of our board member and wildlife expert Ph.D. Yasin İlemin from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University.