Experiments of Aroma Therapy Forest in the Sweetgum Forests Were Continued in Autumn

We will study how and how much Sweetgum Forest will play a role as the therapeutic effects (anti-aging, relaxation, rehabilitation, supporting the mental health etc.). In this study Prof. Mehmet Emin Duru and his team from the Chemistry Department of Mugla Sitki Kocman University will coordinate us. We selected 170 hectares wide sweetgum forest within the border of Fethiye District because of it has suitable research conditions (pure forest, older trees, any saplings, some gaps in the forest etc.). We will reveal the chemical structures of the volatile components of sweetgum tree. We will also research the conditions (contents, intra-day temperature and seasonal changes etc.) of the chemical compounds of sweetgum tree. During those experiments, we will collect sweetgum leaves, oils, barks etc. in different time frames and analyze their volatile components with using some organic chemistry tools. It is also aimed to provide a strong input to the region in terms of health tourism while conserving our species by revealing the conditions to benefit from the Anatolian Sweetgum Forests as a therapy forest.